It’s a dairy-tale come true!

A COUPLE of calcium kids from Woking are to appear on cartons nationwide after proving their love of milk to a dairy farm.

Bella and William Handyside have been unveiled as the latest St Helen’s Farm carton stars after their mum Carol wrote to the Yorkshire-based dairy to say how much they enjoy drinking the milk and making muffins with the goats’ cheese.

COOKING UP A STORM – carton stars Bella and William Handyside
COOKING UP A STORM – carton stars Bella and William Handyside

Carol started her daughter Bella on goats’ milk from the age of one after realising that cows’ milk was causing some digestion problems.

Now the whole family drink goats’ milk due to its light and creamy taste, and they often bake muffins using Carol’s 20-year-old school recipe that features the goats’ cheese and spinach.

Carol said: “When I weaned my daughter off breast milk at one year, my homeopath recommended I use goats’ milk as she had a sensitive digestive system.

“We had been giving her a goats’ milk formula on occasions in her first year, which we found suited her better than other formula milks as she suffered with reflux and colic.

“My husband and I tried the milk and liked it. We started reading about all the benefits of goats’ milk over cows’, which completely converted us.

“I don’t like the fact that there are so many allergies to cows’ milk and feel that even if one doesn’t experience an actual allergy, knowing that cows’ milk is harsh on the digestive system, that it could be affecting us without us realising it – I’m certain we are healthier by switching to goats’ milk!”

A mild-tasting version can be a good alternative for people who can’t drink cows’ milk – which is one of the most common causes of intolerance (especially among young children) in the UK.

GOATS' MILK - can be the cure for a number of ailments
GOATS’ MILK – can be the cure for a number of ailments

Many people who can’t drink cows’ milk can drink goats’ – and often claim their intolerance symptoms are reduced or disappear altogether. These can include eczema, asthma, bloatedness, constipation, digestive discomfort and catarrh.

St Helen’s Farm Sales and Marketing Manager, Mike Hind, said: “We receive lots of stories from people who have switched to goats’ milk and have found that the symptoms of a number of health conditions have often markedly improved.

“The family’s love of our goats’ milk is obvious and it is fantastic they have all enjoyed benefits from switching.

“Having Bella and William on our cartons is our way of saying thank you for helping to spread the word.”


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