Elysee tells the Queen about life in lockdown

WHEN 13-year-old Elysee Spacie became concerned that the Queen might be worried during lockdown, she decided to write to her.

The Gordon’s School student told Her Majesty about the vegetables she is growing, how she and her neighbours had played musical tributes to NHS staff and key workers on Thursday evenings, and that she is baking about 30 cakes a week for staff at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey.

ROYAL APPROVAL – Elysee Spacie and her letter from Windsor Castle

To her delight, she received a letter back from one of Her Majesty’s ladies-in-waiting.

Elysee, a residential boarder at the school in West End, of which the Queen is patron, also told Her Majesty about her home schooling and what she gets up to at school.

At the national memorial to General Gordon, every student in the main school takes part in parades with the Pipes and Drums Band. Elysee sent a picture of herself in her marching uniform to the Queen. 

“I thought the Queen might be interested in hearing from students as to how we were coping in lockdown,” said Elysee, “so I told her about what we were doing, such as growing vegetables, and I sent pictures of me marching.”

Three weeks later a letter arrived from Windsor Castle. “I was really, really excited to get a letter back,” said Elysee, who read that Her Majesty had been glad to know how much she enjoyed attending Gordon’s and that she appreciated the support received from teachers while home schooling.

The lady-in-waiting also thanked Elysee on behalf of Her Majesty for her good wishes and for sending the photograph of herself in her marching uniform.

Since lockdown started, Elysee has been practising the bagpipes in her garden in West Horsley, in the hope that she will be chosen to play for Gordon’s famous Pipes and Drums Band.

Neighbours who heard her playing soon picked up their instruments, so clapping on a Thursday night for the NHS also became a musical tribute.

While she has kept busy throughout the lockdown period, Elysee said: “I am looking forward to getting back to normal everyday life. I miss the community and my friends at school.”

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