MP thanks volunteer networks and community, as Woking records lowest CV-19 infection rate

WOKING has recorded the lowest number of coronavirus cases of all the boroughs across Surrey.

Despite being one of the biggest towns in the county, Woking also has the lowest rate of infection according to government figures. The borough had 192 cases and an infection rate of 189.8 as of 22 June – compared to neighbouring Guildford, with 386 cases and a rate of 261.

MP for Woking Jonathan Lord is thanking volunteer networks and the community at large for their efforts in tackling the coronavirus crisis

David Bittleston, the leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “I’d like to commend local residents for their continued resolve during lockdown and their willingness to adhere to the Government’s health and social distancing advice.

“We recognise this has been a huge undertaking for our community, with many sacrifices made. Yet these measures were introduced to protect us all and it is essential that we all continue to follow social distancing advice and good handwashing to help prevent the spread of the virus.”

Surrey Heath had recorded 288 cases and had a rate of 324.1. Woking’s rate of infection is lower than that for the whole of Surrey (252.6), and also the South East (247.2).

“I am very grateful indeed to the residents and businesses of Woking who have been following Government, scientific and medical advice during this incredibly difficult coronavirus crisis,” said Woking MP Jonathan Lord. “The overwhelming vast majority seem to have been acting in exemplary fashion and the number of local infringements that have been reported or mentioned to me are vanishingly small.

“We are all particularly indebted to the amazing volunteer networks that have sprung up to help the vulnerable and the isolated who have needed support,” said Mr Lord, referencing the different groups featured each week on the pages of the News & Mail throughout lockdown.

“But our local councils, our carers, our police, our churches and faith communities, and our charities and residents’ associations have also all rallied round in a wonderful and highly effective way. I am delighted that Woking currently has one of the lowest coronavirus infection rates in the whole of Surrey and I know that we will do our best to keep it that way even as we start the vital task of re-opening up many more of our shops, businesses and schools.”

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