A look at the town centre, 1980s-style

WE are not going far back in time with Peeps into the Past this week – only to about the 1980s, from when these photos look to date from. The scenes, and... Read more »

When resting place for beloved pets was under threat from developers

THE Friends of Chobham Pet Cemetery look after the enchanting wooded resting place of people’s much-loved pets that died between the 1930s and 1970s. The cemetery was overgrown and largely forgotten until... Read more »

Fascinating book focuses on local folklore

THEY were a superstitious lot years ago in ‘Old Surrey’ with lots of sayings and customs – many of which have died out. The sayings and customs all come under the topic... Read more »

Local man’s vivid wartime account of flying into danger

A SECOND World War flight sergeant from Woking wrote about 23 bombing raids he took part in over Germany, before he was killed in an air accident in August 1942. He was... Read more »

Oh! We do like to be beside the seaside!

AN outing to the seaside by coach was enjoyed by many people in years gone by. Often organised as a works outing or by a club or a society, and resorts on... Read more »

Secret marriage shocked national newspapers

WHEN barrister and poet Arthur Joseph Munby died, aged 81, in 1910, he took to his grave a secret that was not revealed until six months later, when his will was published.... Read more »

Pressing ahead with printing works’ closure

AT one time Unwins’ printing works at Old Woking employed up to 200 people, but these photos show it during its final days after the presses fell silent. Richard Christophers, an archivist... Read more »

Fragments of history from disabled children?

WERE these fragments of leather boots once worn by those known as waifs and strays who lived at the St Nicholas’ Home for Crippled Children in Pyrford? They were recently found by... Read more »

Postcard messages and a reader’s memories

AS a collector of old picture postcards, I am just as interested in the messages on the back as the views on the front, writes David Rose. Here is a view of... Read more »

German prisoners of war on the loose

SEPTEMBER 1916 and the Battle of the Somme on the Western Front was into its third stage. Back in Britain, German prisoners of war were being held in camps, one of them... Read more »