New Woking Eats app makes it easy to order local takeaway food

A LOCAL food ordering app is providing extra business for takeaways in Woking at a fraction of the cost of similar services and means that local people can order from their favourite local eaterie.

Woking Eats has about 20 food outlets which are charged 7.5% per order, at least half that of some other apps.

The franchise, which operates in cities and towns around the country, is run by Neil Charlton, who has successfully run several ventures since leaving a job in the corporate world 16 years ago.

Neil Charlton

The app business came at a perfect time for Neil, who recently sold his gym franchise and was looking for something that could work well with the coronavirus restrictions.

“I came across the Local Eats opportunity that has been tried and tested in northern towns and thought it would be good to try this in the south,” Neil said.

“The technology was all in place, meaning my job would be signing up takeaways and encouraging Woking residents to support local businesses.”

He said Woking was recommended to him as being a good place to have the franchise and he has found it to be a friendly town with even greater potential once the flats currently being built are occupied.

“For the takeaways, they are getting online ordering without having to have their own websites or create a card-paying system and are charged around half that of some other apps,” Neil said.

“Customers can order from their favourite local takeaway and we offer special localised offers.”

Neil said he wants to sign up more takeaways and is in discussions with a drinks service and the award-winning Charcoal Grill in Knaphill.

He said the app is perfect for people who are isolating because of coronavirus or who are reluctant to make too many journeys outside their home. It is also useful for ordering food during winter.

“The future is very exciting,” Neil said.

“My target is to sign up at least 80 businesses and then there is the exciting possibility of launching Guildford Eats!”

FOR more information, visit, email or call 01483 387 157

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