Fake Twitter account is shown red card

A FAKE social media account set up in a fervent Woking Football Club supporter’s name duped hundreds of people into believing it was genuine.

Ellie Beagley was shocked to find that someone had stolen her identity to create a false Twitter handle.

The account was opened on Monday last week and had gained 900 followers by the time it was suspended by Twitter on Saturday.

“Whoever set it up was even holding private conversations with followers, including one of my nephews,” said Ellie, who runs the Sporty Kids children’s sports coaching and holiday activities company in Woking.

“I’m also quite shocked that they got a better Twitter handle than me, as I was allocated EllieB3627,” added Ellie. “Twitter allowed them to use my actual name. The culprit took photographs from seven or eight years back on my account, from the days when I was modelling, and posted them. It looked so genuine.”

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