Chinese exchange teachers give added appeal to maths

GOLDSWORTH Primary School has played host to two teachers from in China as part of a worldwide scheme to revolutionise maths teaching.

The visit was part of an exchange in which Year 2 teacher Georgie Samuel spent two weeks in the Chinese city of Shanghai earlier this year learning more about advanced techniques, and taking a lesson.

Chinese teachers Yan Wang and Weijie Ou helping Goldsworth Primary School children in a maths lesson

Earlier this month, Yan Wang from Shanghai Pudong New Area Yugiao Primary School and Weijie Ou from Jinyuan Senior High School made the reverse journey and taught in Woking.

Georgie said that Mr Ou taught her class while Miss Wang led Ruth Barrett’s 6B.

“The children have made our Chinese teachers feel very welcome and have been inquisitive themselves about what teaching is like in Shanghai, asking many questions. They have enjoyed and coped very well with a different style of teaching.”

The main event of the exchange was lessons on consecutive days by the Chinese teachers in the school hall – observed by 70 visiting teachers from across the county.

Georgie said the Year 6 children told her they enjoyed the Chinese style of teaching maths. Some found it tricky at first but developed their resilience.

“The Year 2s enjoyed Mr Ou’s lessons, in particular his use of number lines and comic characters to introduce concepts which they found fun,” she said.

“Many children commented on how much they enjoyed his use of games throughout his lessons and that they hadn’t realised you could solve multiplication and addition in the same equation.”

The exchange scheme is part of an effort to promote “mastery” techniques in maths and other subjects. The aim is to ensure that children understand a particular concept before moving on to the next one and do deepen their understanding rather than move on quickly.

Georgie, who lives in Old Woking with husband Tom, an IT consultant, and children Bobby, 10, and Harrison, 8, said the Miss Wang and Mr Ou declared that Goldsworth Primary School was “lovely and beautiful”.

“They were moved by the amount we had prepared for them and felt very welcomed by our lovely children. They commented on our amazing classroom decoration and how warm the school felt. They were amazed by the number of different activities we offer children.”

The Chinese teachers told the News & Mail they enjoyed their time in Woking and the brief amount of time they were able to spend sightseeing.

“You have a very beautiful church,” Mr Ou said.

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