Double yellow woe

DOUBLE yellow lines planned for a Chobham road mean several householders will have nowhere nearby to park their cars.

The parking ban suggested for part of Mincing Lane is alarming residents and some say they will have to move if the restriction goes ahead.

Highways engineers want parking to be banned for around 200 yards on the west side of the road, from its junction with Chertsey Road to the junction of Oakdene. Their plan is part of an on-street parking review for the whole of Surrey Heath borough that has been published for public consultation.

They say vehicles are parked partly on the pavement and verges in Mincing Lane, causing damage to the path and grass. They obstruct pedestrians, block the sightline and make it difficult for neighbours on the other side to drive in and out of their properties.

But people who would be affected by the ban point out that parking near their homes would become impossible. Nigel Chapman, who rents one of the cottages, told the News & Mail that his family had three cars which they parked in the road.

“We don’t have parking spaces in the garden and there is nowhere else to park,” he said. “We can’t go farther up Mincing Lane because it’s much too narrow and the Brookleys Estate roads are already crammed with cars, so we can’t go there.”

Mr Chapman said parking bays for residents could be built on the wide grass verge before Bracken Way, an option dismissed by the village’s county councillor, Mike Goodman, as being too expensive.

“If the yellow lines go ahead we’ll probably have to move from here,” said Mr Chapman. He added that the parked cars did not cause problems for vehicles using the road, as most drivers slowed down and went by carefully.

Neighbour Sylwia Kopicka, who has lived in the road with her husband and young son for two and a half years, says it will be difficult to find alternative parking for their two cars. “We will just have to leave them some distance away, but I’m not sure where,” she said.

Another resident said she had two off-road car spaces at the front of her house but visitors parked in the road. Double yellow lines would cause problems for guests.

New parking rules are planned for two other sites in Chobham, Watts Farm Parade, off Chertsey Road and High Street.

The shopping parade is the location of the new Chobham sub-post office – set up in Jonella convenience store in January – where it was claimed there would not be enough parking. The review suggests double yellow lines should be painted at the junction of the parade road and Barnmead residential road, to stop shoppers parking there. It also wants a disabled parking bay outside Jonella and three bays limited to one-hour from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday in front of the row of shops.

The limited parking plan has been met with scepticism by Jonela owner Hemin Patel, who says the parking chaos predicted for the parade once the sub-post office opened had never happened.

“I can’t see why we need restrictions,” he told the News & Mail. “Most of our customers park for just a few minutes and there aren’t problems with finding a space.”

The High Street will actually have extra spaces if the review is implemented. It says double yellow lines should be removed along the redundant drop kerb outside the Sun Inn, allowing an hour’s parking during the day Monday to Friday.

Residents have until Wednesday 7 June to comment on the parking review. The proposals can be downloaded from by searching for on street parking review of Surrey Heath.

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