Goldsworth and St John’s primary schools plant 5,000 purple crocuses

GREEN-FINGERED pupils from Goldsworth Primary school and St John’s Primary schools joined members of the Rotary Club of Woking District to plant 5,000 purple crocus corms in the grounds of their schools as part of the campaign Purple4Polio, which aims to free the world of the condition.

goldsworth-primary-1Purple4Polio is sponsored nationally by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and co-ordinated locally by the Woking District club. Purple represents the colour of the dye painted on children’s fingers by vaccination teams to say they have been inoculated.

In 2015 there were 74 cases of polio recorded worldwide, and this year there have been 18 cases to date. With the help of schools and charitable organisations, Rotary aims to reduce this to zero.

Rotarian Rob Ready said: “This is a chance for children to learn about the dangers of this deadly disease, and a great opportunity for them to enjoy themselves while planting the bulbs. We are looking forward to seeing the bulbs bloom in the spring.”

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