Goldsworth Park Beacon is lighting the way

THE Beacon House dry cleaning and laundry business in Goldsworth Park makes sure cleaned clothes and repaired shoes don’t go to waste when owners fail to collect them.

“After six months we have to assume they aren’t required, so we donate them to the local Woking & Sam Beare Hospices’ charity shop,” explained Mumeeb Zubair, manager of the clothes care specialist, which has been in business at the Goldsworth Park Shopping Centre since 1983.

Last week Mumeeb and his staff handed over a collection of unclaimed coats, dresses, suits and skirts to the charity shop.

Mumeeb said: “It’s surprising that some people don’t collect their things after we’ve cleaned and repaired them.

“But the clothing is in excellent condition, so we hope they will brighten up the lives of their new owners – and they raise some money for our local hospice!”

The shop at Goldsworth Park receives more donations than the other hospice shops in Woking, thanks to its busy location and the large free car park serving the centre.

“We welcome all donations,” said shop Manager Angela McGrath. “Everything is sorted out and we find we can put most clothing on sale.

“Any items that aren’t good enough for the shop aren’t thrown away; we simply sell them on for
recycling, so they still benefit the charity.”

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