Floods of thanks to caring police officers

A WOMAN whose car broke down in floodwater in Woking on Sunday last week has paid tribute to a pair of officers from Surrey Police who came to her rescue.

Emma Butcher was with her one-year-old daughter Isabelle when her vehicle gave up the ghost underneath the railway bridge along Blackhorse Road in Woking around 5pm.

Due to the remoteness of her location, Emma found herself with no phone signal and, not wanting to leave her vehicle with a sleeping Isabelle alone inside, had no choice but to dial 999.

By the time officers arrived, a passer-by with a 4×4 had towed her to safety and Emma was waiting at the roadside for her breakdown recovery service to arrive.

When the officers, PC Joe McGregor and PC Mark Russell, turned up, they gave Emma and Isabelle foil blankets and even offered to run to the local shop for provisions.

Emma explained: “The two officers showed us the most amazing kindness – not only did they ensure we were warm and dry, but they also went to the shop and came back with lots of goodies for me and Isabelle.

“PC Russell went to a local house and got permission to take Isabelle and myself there to heat up her food. They then let us
sit in the warmth of the police car until the breakdown recovery service arrived.

“However, once they did arrive they were unable to fix the car and I was told it would be another hour and a half before the recovery vehicle arrived.

“The officers decided that they couldn’t leave me there and towed my car to the safety of a well-lit 24-hour garage forecourt. When the recovery lorry arrived, PC McGregor even helped load my car on to the lorry.”

Praising the officers for going above and beyond the call of duty, Emma added: “By the time they arrived, we were out of the water and in one piece so they could have driven away and left us to wait for the RAC, but I genuinely feel that both men went over and above anything that I would have expected to make sure that Isabelle and I were safe and warm and looked after.

“They made a very scary and unpleasant situation for us safe and manageable, and I really do thank them both from the bottom of my heart.”

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