Foundations of education laid in Brookwood

BROOKWOOD Primary School pupils rose to the challenge of a very special building project recently.

The junior designers at the Connaught Road school were set the task of designing and building their own mega structures, with a little bit of expert guidance from the professionals at regional construction company Beard.

The grandiosely-named Mega Structure Construction Challenge was organised by Guildford-based education charity SATRO – and sponsored by Beard.

A day of developing science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills was on the timetable for Brookwood’s eight to 10-year-olds.

Working with industry professionals in a hands-on project experience, the initiative aims to provide youngsters with a fun, yet realistic, experience of working in STEM-related jobs and encourage more young people into STEM careers.

Beard Guildford Director Guy Hannell explained the project: “The children were divided into eight teams and then set the task of designing and building a stadium using a rolled-up piece of A4 paper.

“It could be stuck together with masking tape to form a rod, which was the basis of the building material. The rods were then flattened at each end and holes are punched so these could then be connected together with small nuts and bolts.”

Awards were presented for the best team presentation on how the structure would be used and the role of each team member in its construction and delivery.

Brookwood Primary Headteacher Jo Green passed on her praise to those who made the day such a success with her pupils: “I would like to thank everyone who put on this event at Brookwood. Ofsted officials were present throughout the day and were incredibly positive about the learning which was taking place in the room.”

Dr Rebecca Bowden, SATRO’s Chief Executive, added to the gleaming report card: “We are delighted to be working with Beard to inspire young people about construction and engineering.”

Beard will be teaming up with SATRO for another Mega Structures Challenge at Pirbright Village Primary School in March.

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