Chris Brittain bouncing back after successful USA operation

ON THE MEND - Chris Brittain

CHRIS BRITTAIN has touched back down in the UK following a life-changing operation in America, with mum Tracey declaring “There’s nothing that can stop him now!”

Brave Chris and his family spent five-and-a-half months raising funds to finance a specialised procedure that would dramatically increase the quality of life for the eight-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer.

The Grange Infant School pupil relied heavily on a walking frame and, to help reduce disfiguration through crooked posture, wore splints on his legs.

But as our exclusive picture shows, Chris is now bouncing around his New Haw home without a care in the world.

Tracey said Chris are now enjoying all the things his disability had previously denied him. She said: “It’s all gone really well and has been a complete success – it’s surreal to watch him move so freely now.

“He is starting to explore things now that he couldn’t do before.

“We managed to fundraise everything we needed, which is really quite incredible and we’d like to thank everyone in the community for their tremendous support .

“Chris’ school in particular were simply incredible – they raised more than £7,000.

“When we got out there it was very harrowing. He was a very brave little boy but there’s nothing that can stop him now!”

The operation in St Louis cost £50,000 with flights and accommodation, and lasted more than three hours.

Tracey added: “After the operation, he had to go in to intensive care and after that, had to learn how to move all over again.

“Now we have a case of really weak muscles. It’s a lot of effort but he’s bounced back really well. He has intensive physiotherapy four times a week at home.

“But he hasn’t used his wheelchair or frame since he’s been back home.”

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