Uplifting signs of the times decorate Tracey’s garage

PASSERS-BY are smiling at the latest addition to a mural on a garage door in Horsell.

Tracey Adkins with her garage door mural updated to show a couple gazing at the rainbow. Pictures by Anthony Gurr

Tracey Adkins has depicted a couple sitting on a bench gazing at the rainbow she painted last summer.

“I wanted to add something that subtly documented the terrible times we are going through,” said Tracey, who originally decorated the door to brighten up people’s lives as they walked by during the pandemic.

Tracey added Christmas figures to the mural for the festive season

The couple – who Tracey says are in a bubble – are framed by some stark, leafless trees as they look at a rainbow painted in glowing colours.

It is the second time that she has added to the design, having included a Merry Christmas sign along with a Father Christmas and some elves pulling a cracker at the beginning of December.

Last spring, the garage door displayed an “NHS Heroes” slogan, which had the S depicted as the Superman logo and Tracey fixed a Union Flag to it for the 75thanniversary of VE Day celebrations in May.

Tracey is an artist, art director and set designer whose work has featured in several television dramas and documentaries.

Some of Tracey’s tree of life creations, made from different types of wire

Over the past year, she has been making miniature tree sculptures from different types of wire. Everyone is a distinctive design, resembling a bonsai tree, and Tracey uses various types of base for her creations, including wood and stone.

“I started making them before the world stood still and now I’m making them while the world stands still,” she said. “Every one I make now is a tree of life.”

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