Thousands to get flu jab in drive-through clinic

THOUSANDS of Woking residents are being given the flu vaccine in drive-through clinics at the Leisure Centre car park.

The weekly jabs are for patients of the Heathcote Practice, which has three surgeries across the town.

Heathcote Practice patients recieve their flu vaccines in a drive through clinic at Woking Leisure Centre

Dr Vaibhav Verma, one of the practice partners, said the drive-through clinics could be a model for swiftly vaccinating residents against COVID-19 when the medication becomes available.

“People don’t have to come to a surgery and in a couple of minutes they have their jab and are on their way,” Dr Verma said.

Woking District Rotary is providing volunteers to help with the administration.

Michael Holden, who is helping to organise the volunteers, said the practice had asked the Rotarians for help.

“It’s exactly the sort of thing we can do, especially with so many of our fundraising activities not able to take place,” Michael said.

He said that one volunteer is stationed at each bay to help medical staff with non-clinical work. There are also groups of Rotarians to help with traffic management.

“It means the practice can do this without having to use all their staff,” Michael said.

Beryl Hunwicks, the Mayor of Woking, is one of the patients who have made use of the clinic.

Cllr Hunwicks said: “The day before my appointment I was sent details via my phone of where to arrive and was greeted at each checkpoint by cheerful, kind volunteers from Woking District Rotary who marshalled us to our allocated bays.

“I’ve been to the drive-in movies this summer and many years ago to drive-through diners in the US but this was something else entirely. 

“My name was checked against the patient list, I was given the jab and within two or three minutes I was on my way again.

“As I drove out I marvelled at the convenience and safety of the programme, so much so that later the same day I drove my husband down to Woking Park for his injection.”

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