Lockdown idea produces stunning fundraising pictures

A PHOTOGRAPHER has used lockdown to capture local families on their doorsteps and has raised more than £2,000 for the Woking domestic abuse charity Your Sanctuary.

This has led to the creation of virtual class photos for Woking schools and a special offer of a discount for key workers getting married over the next two years.

Busy doing nothing – The Mortons in their front yard

James Croft, a wedding photographer who lives in Ripley, had all his work this summer postponed because of coronavirus. He decided to take photos of his neighbours on their doorsteps during his one hour of exercise that was allowed in the early days of lockdown.

“I started on my road and people turned up in their pyjamas or dressed up for the first time in weeks,” James said.

Later people brought out props, such as sports equipment or household items.

Jumping for joy – The Lloyds

“People got really creative and it was great for them.”

James expanded the area he covered and called the project Front Door Photos.

“That got me thinking that you never know what’s going on behind a front door and how intense it can be, so I suggested donations to Your Sanctuary.”

He ended up taking more than 6,000 photographs and collected more than £2,000 for the charity.

Two of the families he photographed have children at Beaufort and Barnsbury primary schools in Woking and they suggested the class photos.

James took two photos of each child, a formal one, and a second alternative with the child pulling a face or doing a starjump, and is busy compiling them into class groups.

Just chilling – The Harts

The partial easing of lockdown has meant that weddings have resumed with small groups of people allowed to attend and James is getting bookings.

“I was in America with my wife Sally for her work and came back last year. I didn’t have many weddings booked and so now that they are being arranged again, I am free to help them,” James said.

He is offering a 50% discount for any weddings this year and in 2021 in which at least one of the couple getting married is a key worker.

“I can’t put on scrubs and help to save a kid’s life, but I can help those who do. It’s the least I can do.”

For more information, visit www.jamescroftimages.com or call 07740 650902.

To see more of James’ pictures, get the 16 July edition of the News & Mail

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