Children invited to RSPCA Action Day

THE RSPCA is inviting local children in care between the ages of 11 and 16 to an information day where they can learn about animal welfare and meet inspectors.

The animal welfare charity works with local authorities and private foster agencies to develop Animal Action Days which help teach children to understand what animals need to be happy and healthy.

RSPCA Animal Action Days aim to teach children how to properly care for animals and to promote compassion and self esteem

The aim of the day is to promote compassion for animals and help young people build positive relationships and stay safe around dogs.

“Sadly, some children in care may have witnessed violence, against them, other people or animals. Interactions with animals, especially pets, can represent a powerful opportunity to promote self-esteem, encourage the development of empathetic concerns and positive social interactions in people, especially children,” said Hannah Mehta, RSPCA regional prevention and education adviser for the south east.

“Animal Action Days are an amazing opportunity to help these young people see that animals deserve kindness, respect, safety and love, just like them.”

The Animal Action Day is taking place at the RSPCA’s Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey, on Monday 17 February, from 10am to 2.30pm.

It is part of Generation Kind, an outreach and education programme by the RSPCA which aims to support children and young people, particularly those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, to gain new skills, to develop compassion and empathy or to be safer around animals.

For more information or to make a referral, contact Hannah Mehta at

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