Petition on Cardinal Court development to be put to Woking Borough Council

CAMPAIGNERS seeking to scale down the redevelopment of the Woking FC stadium and associated new housing are to present a 700-signature petition to the borough council on Thursday.

Plans include redeveloping the football stadium into a 10,000-capacity ground, upgraded to Football League standards, paid for from income generated by 1,000 new flats, shops and cafes to be called Cardinal Court.

Developers wish to redevelop Woking FC stadium into a 10,000 seat ground, in line with Football League standards

The petition calling for a smaller development will be presented on 17 October by Katie Bowes, a South Woking Action Group (SWAG) committee member, who will also take part in a question and answer session,

Katie said the group had collected a total of 1,700 signatures, but the bulk of these were on a petition on the website, which was not recognised by the council.

“We had to close the new petition in order to get the opportunity to present it to the council and speak about it,” she said.

Katie said SWAG supported the football club and wanted to see investment into it, but believed this should be done in a phased way.

“This proposal could be the financial ruin of the club which will struggle to fill and maintain the new stadium.”

She said a smaller redevelopment of the football club would mean that associated housing development would be on a smaller scale.

“It will be more respectful to the local community and not create a precedent for high-rise development.”

SWAG gave out about 1,000 leaflets at the Wrexham game last Saturday addressed to Cards fans. The leaflet said that the club would have to relocate for at least two seasons if the development went ahead and that ticket prices were likely to increase.

The leaflet also invited fans to go to the council meeting this Thursday to hear the presentation of the petition.

“We are encouraging anybody in the borough who is interested in ensuring the neighbourhood doesn’t become high rise and high density to come along,” Katie said.

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