App aims to aid L-drivers’ ambitions

A RADIO Woking presenter has developed an app that helps learner drivers through the practical side of getting a licence.

Keith Woodhouse, who helped to set up the online station that is based at The Winston Churchill School in St John’s, said the app is firmly targeted at young drivers, aged 17-25, with the aim of helping them to get the most out of every driving lesson.

HELPING HAND – Keith Woodhouse has developed and app to help learner drivers pass their test

“Often, the start of a driving lesson recaps the last. With the Driving Lessons UK Lite App, it enables young drivers to do more of this in their own time, ensuring that lesson time can be maximized,” Keith said.

The app draws together content of the practical driving lesson with the theoretical concepts behind the principles of driving safely, so young drivers can continue learning even when they’re not behind the wheel.

Keith said the app, which can be downloaded to smart phones, is a learning aid that is intended to complement driving lessons and keep what they’ve already learned fresh in their minds.

It was written by the owner of a driving school with more than 15 years’ experience and comes with an accompanying website.

“The content has been split in to clear and easy-to-understand sections

that take young drivers through what they did on their last lesson and

what they can expect on the next.

“The website and app will not teach you to drive on its own, but it will

support the lessons that young drivers take in the run up to their test,” Keith said.

The Lite App can be used free of charge and gives users an idea of how to get the most out of the full app, which costs £5 to download.

Keith, who is a professional app and website designer, helped to set up Radio Woking, which developed from the Winston Churchill School station Yay Radio.

He and Justin Coll, the IT manager at the school, built the community station when the studio was built about five years ago.

Keith presents The Wot Show every Thursday at 6pm featuring local unsigned bands.

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