What’s in a name? Getting to the bottom of new antiques shop

THE name of a new antiques shop in Chobham is raising eyebrows around the village, with a former teacher condemning it as poor taste.

Arse Antiques is raising eyebrows in Chobham

Arse Antiques, in Chertsey Road, says it sells beautiful, quirky and unusual items that start conversations and make people smile.

It has certainly prompted discussions among local people as to the suitability of its name.

“I think it’s a distasteful gimmick and it’s a great pity that local children should be exposed to that kind of ploy,” said retired teacher Pippa Hart.

“If it’s a joke, or supposed to be witty, most of us are not in on it and it’s just crass.”

The shop opened last week in what was for many years the premises of Tanners the butchers and most recently a cleaning agency.

According to the owners, the shop name simply spells out their initials – Amy Rose and Susie Elizabeth.

“We thought the name had a good ring to it, that’s all,” they said.

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