How Woking celebrated the end of war

THE people of Woking came out in force over two days in July 1919 to celebrate peace, as the First World War officially came to an end.

As can be seen from the pages of the Woking News & Mail of 25 July 1919, reproduced in the centre spread of this week’s edition, it must have been truly spectacular. Combining the detailed reporting of the events with some picture postcards that feature the General Procession that took place as part of the celebrations, you can almost step right back time!

The newspaper reported: “Woking gave full and enthusiastic expression to the joy it felt over the conclusion of peace. The celebrations extended over Friday and Saturday – the former being children’s day and the latter being given up for the general festivities of the townspeople.”

Archive – Peace celebrations in Woking – this area is now the market & former post office site. The church at the far right is currently Boots.

For the full article, see the 5 July edition

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