Wych Hill sports car’s checkered life

WHEN an 18-year-old man saw a 30-year-old MG sports car at a motor garage in Woking, he just had to buy it. The date was May 23, 1968. He still owns it and the car is still running!

Paul Campbell was born in Maybury and by the age of 18 he’d already owned a rare 1959 Prior Viscount scooter, a new 1966 Wolseley Hornet and a 1953 Rover 75, but hankered after an older car.

One day he spotted some interesting old cars in what was then called St John’s Service Station, run at the time by McPherson & Sons. Today it is SMC SEAT Woking on Wych Hill.

At a gathering of MGs at Windsor Castle in 2009, Paul’s car was presented before the Duke of Edinburgh

For the full story and more photos, see the 17 May edition

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