Tories eye Police & Crime Commissioner post

THE Conservative Party have selected their hopeful to take on the post of the county’s next elected Police & Crime Commissioner in 2016.

County Councillor David Munro is hoping to set the stage for the top Surrey seat as candidates compete in their PCC campaigns.

He said: “I have the experience, knowledge and leadership qualities to lead a formidable campaign to become Surrey’s first Conservative PCC and, once elected, to drive a good police force to become even better.”

County Councillor Saj Hussain, who was at the Tory hustings on Friday, said: “I am really pleased that David Munro is to lead the Conservative challenge.

“He is the right man for the right job with his extensive ex-perience in the political arena. I have known him for the past three years and of his devotion to many charities. I am sure he will do well with the might of the party behind him.”

Cllr Munro has made getting a Tory in office his top priority.

Current PCC Kevin Hurley’s four-year stint comes to an end in May. He took office in November 2012 when the Surrey Police Authority ceased to exist and the Commissioner became responsible for setting the strategic objectives for policing in the county, designed to increase transparency.

The Chief Constable is accountable to the Commissioner, while the PCC is accountable to the electorate. Mr Hurley initially sought nomination as a Conservative candidate in the 2012 election but was defeated in the selection process by Julie Iles. He stood as an independent and won with a majority of 7,725.

On Thursday last week he was presented with a national Transparency Quality Mark for the openness of his office, and their willingness to communicate with residents at every opportunity.

The former Detective Chief, with more than 30 years on the Force, told the News & Mail: “I am delighted with the award, and to see my staff recognised in this way. I will be standing for PCC again but I want to keep politics out of policing. I find it very empowering to not be a member of a political party.  My job is to speak up for Surrey people.”

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