A relic of Woking’s wharves

HAVE you noticed the remains of a crane beside Monument Bridge, which crosses the Basingstoke Canal at Woking? This week’s Peeps into the Past explains all. The canal was constructed in the... Read more »

Teamwork pieces together more tales of local Gypsies

ONE of the most enjoyable aspects of local history research is collaborating with others – and this week’s Peeps into the Past is a prime example of teamwork. It concerns the Spanish... Read more »

Local history inspires prize-winning war game

THE historic Battle of Bisley has been fought again, by wargamers who replicated a military exercise that was conducted 150 years ago. The enthusiasts devised a prizewinning game based on large-scale manoeuvres... Read more »

Vintage postcards make fascinating reading

THIS week, Peeps into the Past looks at another selection of vintage picture postcards and the messages written on the back of them. Chobham Road in Woking is busy in this scene... Read more »

Extreme winters cause havoc in bygone Woking

WHILE temperatures have been unseasonably mild just lately, this week’s Peeps into the Past looks at when winters were so cold the Basingstoke Canal froze over by the Wheatsheaf Bridge in Woking... Read more »

Readers help out over photos from the 1980s

READERS have been in touch with extra information about the scenes shown in photos of the 1980s Woking town centre featured in Peeps into the Past a fortnight ago. Nigel Searle emailed... Read more »

Plant nursery was in the same family for 200 years

WHILE working-classes people living in rural areas during the 18th century may have had a small garden in which they grew food for their tables and perhaps a few flowers, the rich... Read more »

A look at the town centre, 1980s-style

WE are not going far back in time with Peeps into the Past this week – only to about the 1980s, from when these photos look to date from. The scenes, and... Read more »

Education centre highlights Great War sacrifice

REMEMBRANCE Day, when we commemorate those who have died in any conflict, may be just once a year but it’s people like Eddie Jones, who runs The Trench Experience charity, who ensure... Read more »

Pressing ahead with printing works’ closure

AT one time Unwins’ printing works at Old Woking employed up to 200 people, but these photos show it during its final days after the presses fell silent. Richard Christophers, an archivist... Read more »