Bunting workshop teaches sewing as a life skill for young people

HORSELL Scrubbers launched its Sew Creative project to work with young people last week.

A workshop was held at Woking High School under the guidance of Claire Cummings, who set up Horsell Scrubbers in March 2020 to make protective equipment for the NHS during the COVID pandemic.

FINISHED ARTICLE – The team show off the bunting made in the Horsell Scrubbers-inspired Sew Creative workshop at Woking High School. Pictures by Bob Holmes

The school’s arts department took up the challenge to create bunting for the Horsell village Platinum Jubilee celebrations with students from Years 7 to 10.

Claire, a deaf teacher who occasionally works at the school, thought it would be an excellent collaborative community project.

LEADING BY EXAMPLE – Claire Cummings makes a point to the students, watched by Tania Alighieri, left, the school’s head of Art, and Judith Hillary, British Sign Language interpreter

“I really enjoyed the workshop, the young people were a joy to work with,” she said. “Horsell Scrubbers recently created a new project, Sew Creative, and the bunting workshop was its first event.

“We’re doing a workshop with Horsell Guides next month and hope to set up a regular monthly workshop for young people from September.

“Sewing is an important life skill that is becoming increasingly valued as more people are looking to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

“Yet it is not taught in many schools, so this is where we thought we could help.  Sewing is for all and we are keen to see boys and men become involved too.”

The workshop fulfilled one of its first objectives by giving the High School students a taste for sewing.

OUTLINE PLAN – Tracy Ebbatson demonstrates using a template to mark the shape of a flag and supervises the cutting

Tania Alighieri, head of Art, said: “This event isa fantastic forum to celebrate students’ impressive creative talents, and we are really looking forward to introducing a sewing club at the school.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have already started asking for more!”

The bunting made by the students will also be used at a one-day Summer Fest at Woking High School next month.

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