Woking activists lobby for climate change action

WOKING climate change activists took part in a 12,000-strong lobby of MPs at Parliament calling for immediate action to help the environment.

Woking MP Jonathan Lord was among 225 MPs who accepted an invitation to answer questions on what the government was doing to combat global warming.

Activists, including Emma Gallagher, with Woking MP Jonathan Lord

He was invited by 18-year-old Emma Gallagher, from West Byfleet, who is a volunteer with the charity CAFOD. The organisers of the lobby last Wednesday were led by Greener UK and the Climate Coalition, with help from many other organisations, including Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Emma, a philosophy student at Durham University, said Mr Lord answered the questions posed by about 60 people from in and around Woking.

“Many were frustrated by his response about what the Government has done so far,” Emma said.

“Brexit has dominated the current political situation. Look at the current heatwave; we can see the impact of climate change,” she said.

Emma said that the Government was setting targets but there were questions as to whether the deadlines were too long and action wasn’t being taken.

“Corals are being bleached. Fossil fuels are being burnt. But small and incremental changes can make a difference, so whether its ditching single use plastic or speaking to your MP about climate change, do it – every little helps, but the time for these changes, is now.”

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