Woking Palace opens for visitors

WOKING Palace opens for the first time this year on Saturday and Sunday. From 11am-5pm, visitors to the eight-acre moated site can learn about its fascinating history from the 12th century through to the Tudors and beyond.

Faded Glory: The site of Woking Palace has been of great interest to archaeologists

There will also be displays about the history of beekeeping, archaeological excavations at Woking Palace from 2009 to 2015, and the Old Woking Test Pitting Project.  During both days, volunteers from the Friends of Woking Palace will provide guided tours round the site with the last tours starting at about 4.00pm. There will also be a variety of children’s activities.  Set beside the River Wey the ruins of Woking Palace are surrounded by a rural landscape that was once the 590-acre deer park belonging to Woking Manor.

Please note there is no parking at Woking Palace or in Carters Lane. Disabled visitors should contact Friends of Woking Palace by e-mail to info@woking-palace.org or phone to 07722 299026 to arrange special parking.  Entry is free but donations are always welcome.

For further information visit the Friends’ website

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