Lucky escape as car ploughs into pub

A MOTHER and her six-year-old daughter left a Knaphill pub just before a car crashed through the wall and wrecked the table where they had been sitting.

Two other customers were showered with broken glass as the front of the people carrier ended up in the Royal Oak’s dining area.

Royal Oak landlord Mark McDermott by the hole in the wall

“The mum and daughter had finished their meal and left about three minutes before the crash,” the landlord, Mark McDermott, told the News & Mail.

He said that the car driver had apparently parked at the front of the pub to collect his son from a nearby house. It was unclear what had caused the vehicle to surge forward into the wall.

The police were called and told Mr McDermott to evacuate the pub, as the building might be unsafe. He was allowed to re-open at 9.30pm, after the dining area was cordoned off.

Anyone who saw the incident is asked to call the police on 101, quoting reference PR/P19036867.

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