Who wants to be a mum ?

KAREN and Tom met and married when they were very young. They’re grown-ups now. It’s time to join the club. Their friends are painting the spare room sunset yellow and waking up before midday on Saturdays. It’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?

Flexible working hours, sleepless nights, baby yoga, PTA meetings, toddler football. Karen is a scientist. She knows the facts. By now she should be ready. But what if she’s not?

This is the scenario presented by White Slate Theatre Company in Re: Production in the Mill Studio at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford on Friday 12 October.

Playwright Jenna May Hobbs explains: “By 25 my mum was married with two children, but at the same age nothing in my life seemed at all ready for settling down. I’d always been one of those little girls who played with dolls and the question for me was never ‘if’ but ‘when’ I became a mum; so why, at reaching my peak fertility, was the idea of parenthood getting farther and farther away?”

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