RHS Wisley wings it as new arrivals flutter into the Glasshouse

KINGS and queens of the chrysalis were left all of a flutter by some beautiful new residents at RHS Wisley.

Opened by British model Georgina Barnes – filling in for Laura Carter who was originally scheduled to do the honours at Friday’s lavish event – the Butterflies in the Glasshouse exhibit gives guests the opportunity to interact with some truly exotic and colourful creatures.

Georgina, along with entomologist Anna Platoni, wore a hat of tropical foliage to attract the delicate new arrivals.

The crown, designed by florist Emma Reynolds, comprised orchids, flame lilies, and flamingo flowers.

The sweet nectar of the plants attracted the butterflies, many of whom made themselves more than comfortable in their new surroundings.

The annual event features around 40 different species, including the giant owl, king swallowtail, blue morpho and malay lacewing to name a few – and the chance to capture these design specialists on film was not wasted on local photographers who gave the tiny beasts their full focus.

The tree ferns, tall palms, lush-leaved creepers and dazzling flowers of the Tropical Zone provide a dramatic backdrop to the butterflies, while feeding stations full of fresh fruit help keep the ‘exhibits’ stationary long enough for proper examination.

The show is open to the public until 6 March.

Picture Special in this week’s News & Mail.

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