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IT’S more than four years since The Go! Team last toured their mash-up sound of guitars, samples and noise, but now they’re back – and their return kicks off with a ‘secret’ gig in Surrey.

The Brighton-based outfit have a new album, The Scene Between, written, performed and produced entirely by founder Ian Parton, although he has recruited a band for the upcoming live shows.

BACK ON THE ROAD – The Go! Team are back on touring action after a four-year absence
BACK ON THE ROAD – The Go! Team are back on touring action after a four-year absence

“The Go! Team kind of came to an end because we’d been on the road on and off for eight years and there were babies and jobs and side projects, all kinds of stuff going on,” he says.

“It became harder and harder to play live. But I knew I was going to carry on doing this, I just didn’t know how. I can’t not do music really. I used to make TV documentaries but I always thought anyone can make a rubbish programme for Channel Five, but I thought the Go! Team was unique in many ways. I can’t think of any other bands that are like us, so it was my job to work it out and carry on.”

Ian did opt for a change in direction though, explaining: “I know a lot of people always thought it was just somebody sticking some trumpets on top of a sample and calling it a song, so I wanted to take it further.

“I definitely wanted to pick up on the stuff we’d been heading towards, push the classic pop-song thing a bit more.”

The Scene Between has been earning great reviews and has been recognised as a move on from 2011’s Rolling Blackouts. Ian says: “I think people will notice a change – it’s definitely more melodic. And it’s quite catchy. I don’t know if I’m completely happy with it, but then I’m never satisfied really.”

It’s 11 years since The Go! Team first arrived with their debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, which was laden with samples. Since those days, the internet has made it much easier to source
material, but Ian says he still spends way too long trawling record shops looking for inspiration.

“If you know what you like, going online is a dream,” he says. “But, the hours I’ve spent in record shops, finding something and getting it home, only to find it’s rubbish…

“I enjoy looking though, and I find things on eBay and all kinds. I’ve always hoarded my favourite things and knocked them together, so every song is like a greatest hits of my ideas.”

The touring band for the upcoming Go! Team tour has a familiar look but also some new faces. He explains: “It’s still me, Sam Dook and Ninja from the classic line-up – I wouldn’t have done it if Ninja wasn’t up for playing again. Then we’ve got Simone Odaranile on drums, Cheryl Pinero on bass and Maki on guitar and singing.

“We’ll be playing a mix of things from across the four albums, and the whole thing will flow like a piece of audio with links in between each song.

“Guildford will be our first time on a stage with that line-up. It’s like a secret warm-up for the other gigs – we figured we’d play somewhere small to make it easy on ourselves, but we’re not really
publicising that gig, so I just hope people will turn up…”

THE Go! Team will play at the Boileroom in Guildford on Sunday (May 31). Other forthcoming Boileroom shows include All Tvvins (June 2), Youth Man (June 10), Weyes Blood (June 15), Upon A Burning Body (June 16), Love Buzzard (June 20) and Alvvays (June 26).

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