Spitfires collide over Woking course: 1941

THOSE brave airmen of the RAF who died in action against the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War are rightly remembered, while those who also gave their lives but died in... Read more »

Bullet train to Bisley

THERE was a time when you could let the train take the strain and then take aim at Bisley. This was on a one-and-a-half-mile branch line from Brookwood station to the National... Read more »

Football for the ages

FOOTBALL’s in focus this week with two vintage pictures and readers’ memories. This feature has been “kicked off” following the Peeps page story on February 6 about Woking’s railway orphanage. Raymond Hilderley... Read more »

The week Woking went carnival crazy (part 2)

THE people of Woking raised £3,300 during its carnival week in June 1923. It was a sizeable amount, the equivalent of £200,000 today, and helped to pay for an extension to the... Read more »

The week Woking went Carnival crazy

WOKING went carnival crazy in June 1923 with a week of events raising money for an extension to its Victoria Cottage Hospital. These included fetes, three balls held at the Grand Theatre,... Read more »

International Stores and Green Shield Stamps

MANY readers will surely remember shopping at International Stores that once had branches throughout the UK, including several in the Woking area. The store pictured here in the 1980s was on Rosemount... Read more »

The railway that built an orphanage

THE Southern Railway Servants’ Orphanage in Woking was reliant on voluntary contributions to run it and a number of ingenious fundraising schemes were employed. In addition to a few pennies a week... Read more »

Along the River Wey Navigation

THESE vintage pictures taken on the River Wey Navigation in the area around Triggs Lock and Send reveal there hasn’t been a great deal of change for over 100 years. Triggs Lock,... Read more »

Hotfooting it back to school, literally

A WOKING schoolboy had an unfortunate incident while not heeding his headmaster’s order not to visit the site of his school’s new playing field. The boy was Michael Collyer; and ignoring his... Read more »

The pickpocket who built a prison

CONVICTS themselves were used in the construction of an imposing prison built on barren heathland at Knaphill in the late 1850s. Here, in a further story about Woking Invalid Convict Prison, later... Read more »