Pensioner has lucky escape after driving her car into side of Knaphill bank

CRUNCH - firefighters attend to the crumpled Honda Civic

PENSIONER Marjorie Williams had a lucky escape when she accidently drove her car into the side of a Knaphill bank today.

Mrs Williams was trying to park her silver Honda Civic outside Barclays in the High Street when her foot slipped on to the accelerator.

The Civic lurched forward and smashed into a bollard causing minor damage to the outside wall of the bank and narrowly missing the cash point machine.

Members of the public rushed to Mrs Williams’ aid but fortunately she was uninjured, although a little shaken up.

[pullquote]I heard a loud bang and thought someone was trying to steal the ATM machine[/pullquote]Kind-hearted workers at The Kings House coffee shop gave Mrs Williams a cup of tea while the emergency services arrived.

A woman, who did not want to be named but was inside the bank when the accident happened, said: “I heard a loud bang and thought someone was trying to steal the ATM machine.

“When I went outside I saw an elderly lady behind the wheel of a grey or silver looking car but she was talking to some passers-by and didn’t appear to be too badly hurt.”

Three police cars, two ambulances and a fire engine attended the incident which happened at 2.25pm on Monday, February 20.

Mrs Williams did not want to talk about the accident, although she thanked the public and The Kings House staff for looking after her after the ordeal.

Unfortunately, Mrs Williams’ Honda was written off.

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