Day centre wardrobe offers entry to Narnia

A DAY centre has been turned into Narnia for a touch of magic from the CS Lewis classic for local residents.

The Narnia experience, featuring a seven-metre snow tunnel, the characters from the book and a 1930s living room, have been installed by the social enterprises Barnabas FreshStart and Skill Mill at St Mary’s Day Centre in Byfleet.

The snow tunnel in the Narnia experience

Both groups help people get back into employment while also taking on projects in the local area.

Mark Richmond, who set up Barnabas FreshStart eight years ago, said the installation has been commissioned by Woking Borough Council to bring some festive cheer during the coronavirus restrictions.

“People can come and buy a coffee from the day centre and then leave through a wardrobe that leads to a snow tunnel to a room where they will be greeted by Mr Tumnus under the lamppost and then meet all the characters, including the Lion,” Mark said.

Visitors can then walk through the living room furnished in 1930s style and then go into the garden where they will be able to sit and finish their coffee.

“It’s providing local people with a fun experience,” Mark said.

The Narnia experience is now open every day until Christmas Eve in the day centre in Stream Close off Rectory Lane from 10am to 6pm.

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