Florist sounds ‘Don’t forget us’ call on behalf of small businesses

A FLORIST in St John’s has marked the Remembrance commemorations by covering its windows with paintings of poppies.

Ring-a-Roses is renowned for its imaginative window displays, but because of lockdown it has had to rely on a simpler approach.

FITTING TRIBUTE – The Remembrance window display at Ring-a-Roses florist in St John’s.

“We haven’t been able to put in our usual memorial window, which we have done for several years,” said Rachel Chambers, who has been running Ring-a-Roses since 1994.

“With the shop closed for four weeks we covered the windows with plain paper, then one of my staff had the idea of painting on the poppies. I think they look great, and they’re a fitting tribute to the occasion.

“We’re still working inside, and on behalf of all small businesses I want to say, ‘Please don’t forget us’.

A display from previous years

“Since the second lockdown began, and that’s only a few days ago, our sales have plummeted. If I said we’re taking about one-third of what we usually do, I’d be being generous.

“The drop is far steeper than for the first lockdown. That’s because garden centres are allowed to stay open and offer a full service, and they’re among our main competitors. 

“We’re also operating a full service, even though it’s behind closed doors, but we can still take orders either by phone, email or via our website.

“And we have our Autumn Hospice Special on the website, where £5 from each order will be donated to Woking & Sam Beare Hospices.

“No one could have predicted how this year would turn out, but all we can do is fight hard, harder than we’ve ever done.

“The windows may be covered but we’re still here.”

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