Laser Quest championship comes to Woking

MOCK combat experts from across the world are taking part in European championship games in Woking this weekend.

Players from countries including the UK, France, Holland, Denmark and the US will be facing each other in the town’s Laser Quest arena.

Phill ‘Trixx’ Ellis, third left, with one of his Laser Quest teams

Staff from the company’s Woking branch are among the best on the planet and will be members of the 15 teams taking part.

Laser Quest involves players wearing vests covered with infra-red sensors as they score points by hitting opponents’ targets with laser guns, while avoiding being shot themselves. Play takes place in multi-level, maze-like arenas filled with theatrical fog and featuring strobe lights, ramps, catwalks and windows.

The championships, with teams of six, begin on Saturday morning and end with the final on Sunday afternoon. The players will be competing in friendly combat games on Friday evening.

Laser Quest area operations manager Phil Ellis, known as Trixx on the laser quest circuit, will be taking part following his completion of the London Marathon last Sunday.

“The championships are open to all players in the world, and we are all looking forward to it. The Woking arena was chosen because of its large size and layout and we are going to put on one hell of a party,” he said.

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