Pupils warned to be vigilant after teenage knifepoint robberies

SPECIAL assemblies have been held at the four secondary schools in Woking to warn pupils about the dangers of knife crime after two recent incidents involving a group of up to 15 teenagers.

Five arrests have been made over an attempted robbery at McDonald’s in the town centre on 4 September and two people have been arrested after the same gang robbed people at Carters Steam Fair on Wheatsheaf Common four days later.

School assemblies about knife crime had been arranged as part of the Operation Sceptre knife amnesty campaign

Children at the assemblies were told to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and who was nearby when out and about, not advertise their valuables and to always try to stay with their friends if possible.

One concerned parent said: “Reading the News & Mail report about a group of youths robbing people at knifepoint on Wheatsheaf Common was shocking, more so when reading the same group were also involved in a robbery at knifepoint in McDonald’s.

“Recent news probably makes most parents think again about their children’s safety. It’s sad that this advice even has to be issued, but sticking with a group of friends and keeping your valuables out of sight when out and about is sensible. However, that’s not necessarily enough to stop something similar happening again.

“Luckily our son has a short walk to school, but some children have a long walk into Woking and beyond, and soon it will be dark by 3.30pm.”

For the full story, see the 4 October edition of the News & Mail

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