Oasis tribute band delights pub crowd

LOCAL Oasis tribute act played to a packed-out pub at the Pound Pub Co on Saturday 12 May, writes Louisa Magnussen.

The band fought feedback issues in the first half and a slightly dodgy rendition of She’s Electric but came through in style during the second half with classics such as Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova, which a crowd of roughly 40 people sang along to with delight.

The pub was full with revellers and local Pound Pub Co regulars as the band played the same instruments as Oasis and donned the classic sunglasses reminiscent of the original band.

Lead singer Jez Allan said: “We were really pleased with how it went. There was a slight issue with feedback through the monitors during one song in the first set but then after that, it was great and after the gig the feedback we got from the people who watched us was really positive.”

Their clothes, hair and stage presence all matched that of Oasis themselves and lead singer Jez pulled off Liam Gallagher’s signature vocal stylings throughout the show.

After the first half of the two 45-minute sets a local pub goer who had stumbled across the gig said: “I think they’re fantastic and they’d go down well at other venues in the area.”

The band certainly hope so as they gear up for a gig at After Dark in Reading on Saturday 14 July.

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