How this local newspaper is making a real difference

THE Woking News & Mail is giving its support to the 20th Local Newspaper Week, which celebrates the role played by local newspapers in communities across the UK and the value of highly trusted local journalism.

The paper was bought by a local businessman in 2011 after it was shut down by Trinity Mirror, supports the aims of the campaign. It continues to give its support to the community through its editorial. It’s coverage last year of a young disabled boy’s need for a special wheelchair/bed/chair, helped raise funds needed to buy the equipment the NHS had been unable to provide.

In 2016, it was first to report on a scam, picked up by national newspapers, which helped to put an end the fundraising appeal using Support The Heroes as its slogan.

The paper, currently the key media sponsor for Best Bar None and a Founding Partner of the Community Matters Project in Woking, asked readers to show their support using the hashtag online event #TrustedNewsDay.

For the full story see the 17 May edition

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