Council tax to rise by £98

THE average council tax bill in Woking will go up by a total of £98.49 from 1 April, as the borough follows the county council and the police commissioner in levying close to the maximum permitted increase.

With all the authorities having decided their precepts, a Band D household – in the middle of the eight scales – will pay a total of £1,881.32, rising from the current rate of £1,723.83.

The lowest rate, for Band A, will be £1,254.21, up from £1,188.55. The highest, for Band H, is £3,762.64, against £3,565.66.

A full meeting of Woking Borough Council last Thursday approved an increase of 2.98%, for its share of the tax, just under the limit set by the government for 2008-19.

Band D households will pay £233.46 for services provided by the borough, an increase of £6.75 on the current year. The Band A rate is £155.64, up by £4.50, and Band H is £466.92, up £13.50.

The borough council is forecasting that it needs around £11.7m from local taxes and government grants. To meet this, its tax precept will raise £9.6m, it will be allowed to keep just over £2m in business rates and it has a £136,734 surplus on its council tax collection fund.

This income pays for refuse collections, environmental services, planning services and leisure facilities.

The leader of Woking Borough Council, Cllr David Bittleston, commented: “Despite the ongoing reduction in government funding, we have been able to keep the council tax increase to a modest level and protect services for local residents, whilst continuing to invest in the future of our borough.”


See 15th February 2018 issue for full report

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