Mayford fury over proposed speed hike in village

A MAYFORD resident has expressed major concerns about a proposal to increase the speed limit in his local area.

According to Glenn Sawyer, who has lived in the village for some 20 years, raising the speed limit will put residents’ lives at risk.

He told the News & Mail: “There are plans afoot to increase a statutory speed limit within a residential area from 30mph to 40mph, which vill-agers say will put pedestrians, motorists and the lives of others at risk.”

Following a speed assessment, Surrey County Council is proposing to impose a 40mph limit on the B380 Smarts Heath Road (between the existing 40mph/30mph terminals near 38 Smarts Heath Road to a point in line with the eastern property boundary of 6 Smart Heath Road).

The recommendation was put to Woking’s Joint Committee by the police, stating that speeds in the assessed length of Smarts Heath Road have always been higher than would be expected or desired in a 30mph limit. They say the results suggest that the limit is inappropriately low and should be increased to 40mph in line with the rest of the road.

Surrey Police expressed concern that the large number of motorists who travel fast enough for enforcement action to be taken against them is far higher than would be expected, which indicates the existing limit is inappropriately low. The police advised that since they are unable to enforce the 30mph speed limit, it should be increased to 40mph.

With the consultation period coming to an end tomorrow (Friday 8 January), Mr Sawyer says that residents’ representations have been ignored. He explained: “To date, no response in connection with residents’ safety have been received.

“I am a member of the Smarts Heath Road Residents’ Association and also the Mayford Village Society (more than 350 member households representing more than 650 residents), who say this is just another example of the council refusing to listen to objections and act in the best interest of those living in the borough.

“Although records indicate a low number of speeding related incidents on this section of road, residents have advised authorities that this is due to their own constant vigilance, and that they have witnessed many road traffic near misses, indicating that drivers using this road have been extremely lucky – so far.”

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