Lloyd likes to keep it ‘trad’

IT’S not the most gripping title for a comedy tour – Old Fashioned – but Welsh funnyman Lloyd Langford says that is the whole point.

“I don’t really play high status on stage, and that’s a conscious thing,” he says. “I could never see myself as one of those comedians who come out in a leather jacket saying how brilliant they are.

NO TIME FOR IT – Lloyd doesn’t try to keep up with fads
NO TIME FOR IT – Lloyd doesn’t try to keep up with fads

“There’s something about looking at things with naivety or amusement and taking an idea and shuffling it about to try and make sense of it. I’d much rather admit: ‘I don’t really understand this’.”

Anyway, he insists he really is old fashioned: “It’s about me being confused by things like Snapchat or NekNomination, and with a phenomenon like the ice-bucket challenge,” explains Lloyd.

“I’m not on Twitter, and so much stuff is conducted through social network that I do miss out on certain things – but I’m quite a shy person and don’t want my life being broadcast to people.”

As well as social media, his set is likely to include e-cigarettes, hair conditioner, the Royal Family, cinema etiquette and… er… soup.

“My love of soup came about when I was out in Dubai doing some gigs, and meals there just seemed to be an all-you-can-eat buffet,” he explains. “I’m one of those people who is bewildered by choice; I’d much rather have just one or two choices. With an all-you-can-eat buffet choice is magnified to a thousand, and I just don’t know where to start. So I went for the old reliable – soup.”

Lloyd has typically been including 10 minutes of  soup stuff in his sets – though sometimes more because he reckons audiences love it.

“I’ve had some soup-heckling when they decided to offer up their own favourite ones. A woman in the audience said ‘tomato’, which is a bit ordinary, so I made fun of her. She kept coming back with adjectives to make it sound more exotic, like ‘Italian’. I hit her with ‘gazpacho’… but she didn’t know what that was.

“I also think it’s quite funny to delve into issues that maybe other people haven’t talked about. So, people will be talking about twerking, where what I am really going to fixate on is a largely pointless thing, such as soup.”

Talking about mundanities hasn’t held him back though, judging by his recent TV exploits. “It’s been a lot of fun working with Rhod Gilbert on the last series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks,” says Lloyd.

“I think my highlight was in creating excerpts from an erotic novel read out by the guests. You end up doing some strange things in this job, but I never thought I’d end up writing sex scenes for Lethal Bizzle and Sarah Millican!

“I was on the ‘L’ series of QI, and with a name like Lloyd Langford I suppose they just had to book me. I might change my name to Emma Emmental to try and get on the next one.”

LLOYD LANGFORD will be at the Bellerby Studio, G Live, Guildford, on Saturday (February 28).



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