The lion who lived on a bus

AN adolescent lion, kept as a pet by a Woking taxi firm boss in a double-decker bus, sounds like a tall tale. But it’s true – as is the time the lion... Read more »

Looking back at lost views

THERE is lots to see and reminisce about in these pictures of Woking town centre taken in the mid-1960s. This was how it looked not long before work began to transform the... Read more »

A Quiet Part of Woking

THIS week’s Peeps column shows how quiet parts of Woking were around 100 years ago. In the heyday of picture postcards in the first decades of the 20th century it was not... Read more »

Return to the original Woking High School

WOKING High School for Girls was an upmarket private school in Commercial Road. An old picture postcard of the building has rekindled its history. Founded in 1884, it lasted until to 1922.... Read more »

Inside the original Woking High School

OLD picture postcards give a fascinating glimpse into the past and sometimes a bit of research can reveal a wealth of detail that has long been forgotten. The postcard here, with the... Read more »

Spitfires collide over Woking course: 1941

THOSE brave airmen of the RAF who died in action against the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War are rightly remembered, while those who also gave their lives but died in... Read more »

Bullet train to Bisley

THERE was a time when you could let the train take the strain and then take aim at Bisley. This was on a one-and-a-half-mile branch line from Brookwood station to the National... Read more »

The week Woking went carnival crazy (part 2)

THE people of Woking raised £3,300 during its carnival week in June 1923. It was a sizeable amount, the equivalent of £200,000 today, and helped to pay for an extension to the... Read more »

Along the River Wey Navigation

THESE vintage pictures taken on the River Wey Navigation in the area around Triggs Lock and Send reveal there hasn’t been a great deal of change for over 100 years. Triggs Lock,... Read more »

A Ripley in time

“THE roaring, rushing Ripley road is known to every motorist, and the old houses lining the village  street witness a never-ending procession of traffic.” These words were first published in 1938 in... Read more »