The great ‘Footpaths war’ of 1909 saw residents take on landowner

A ‘FOOTPATHS war’ broke out in 1909 when landowner Rupert Guinness, of the Irish brewing dynasty, sought to divert two paths on land at his Pyrford Court Estate. It resulted in mass... Read more »

Demise of Woking’s timber-framed buildings

“MODERN development spares no thought for the past, and the old must eventually must give way to the new.” These were the words in the introduction to a story in the News... Read more »

Brooklands Air Cadet Squadron

GENERATIONS of Air Cadets have been on parade and have taken part in their squadron’s activities at Brooklands for 82 years. Darryl Hessey joined the squadron in 1977 at the age of... Read more »

A trip down Memory Lane to Woking High Street

ALTHOUGH we can’t go back in time and walk through Woking town centre as it used to be, readers of the Peeps column certainly have good memories of what it was like.... Read more »

What the postman saw

THE messages written on the backs of old picture postcards can reveal interesting things about the way people communicated in years gone by. Here are three Woking postcards worthy of scrutiny. It’s... Read more »

Woking’s post war carnival spectacular

WOKING has certainly known how to host a carnival down the years and the one in 1946 must have helped lift people’s spirits following the end of the Second World War. A... Read more »

Fascinating history ticks all the boxes

HOW many of us take time out to have a good look at the familiar red postbox when posting letters? Many will know that the royal cypher on them dates each one... Read more »

A grandfather’s memories

MANY of us will have fond memories of visiting grandparents when we were young. Peeps correspondent Michael Collyer can recall going to see his maternal grandfather, George Holloway, who lived in an... Read more »

A life on the railways

MANY readers will surely have fond memories of the last few years of steam trains back in the 1960s. This week we feature four lovely images taken at the time by two... Read more »

The lion who lived on a bus

AN adolescent lion, kept as a pet by a Woking taxi firm boss in a double-decker bus, sounds like a tall tale. But it’s true – as is the time the lion... Read more »