THREE OF A KIND – James Jnr, Roman Marek and Wayne Kennedy in action for Rat Pack Spectacular

Tribute trio have the full Package

FOR Wayne Kennedy it was the best time when the best singers sang the best songs with the best backdrop. He’s talking about the Rat Pack – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and... Read more »
NO STRINGS ATTACHED – Bruce Foxton will play the entirety of All Mod Cons

Bruce Foxton celebrates 35th anniversary of ‘make or break’ album

ALL Mod Cons is now regarded as the album that turned Woking legends The Jam into the biggest band in Britain – but back in 1978 when the album was released the... Read more »
I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE – Claire Sweeney and John Thomson Picture by: Robert Day

This month is all about September

SEPTEMBER In The Rain is a real family affair for playwright and director John Godber. He based it on the relationship between his grandparents, took the title from his mother’s favourite song... Read more »
HEARTSTRINGS - Ghost is an emotional ride

Hit musical strikes a chord with everyone

BEREAVEMENT is something that touches everyone – and that probably accounts for at least part of the huge popularity of Ghost. The 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore was an... Read more »
SPECTACLE - Ghost runs from Tuesday, November 12 until Saturday, November 23

Bruce’s success was a long time coming

WITH two Oscars and worldwide box office takings of $500 million, you’d imagine that the 1990 movie Ghost was an instant success. But actually the red carpet was a long time coming... Read more »
FINE TUNED DISPLAY – Paul Michael Glaser brings the experience of a wide range of Hollywood and TV roles to his performance in Fiddler on the Roof

Fair few strings to this Fiddler’s bow

HE HAS appeared on TV in everything from The Waltons and The Streets of San Francisco to The Rockford Files, he’s directed big screen movies including Arnold Schwarzenegger in Running Man, and... Read more »
COMIC - Ben Miller

Quackers to miss quick witted Ben

THERE is nothing in Ben Miller’s background to suggest that this son of academic parents would decide to make his living as an actor and comedian. One half of the comedy duo... Read more »
SNOW DAY - Ray Mears heads to Woking

Night with survival expert is Ray to go

WHETHER it’s tracking saltwater crocodiles through the Australian bush or surviving in Arctic temperatures, Ray Mears is your man. His name has become synonymous with tackling danger whether it’s wildlife or extreme... Read more »
STANDING UP - Hal Cruttenden

Not many breaks in life of a comic

IF YOU think he’s gay, you’re wrong. If you think he’s rich, you’re wrong (for the moment). If you think he’s going to be comedy’s next big thing, you’re almost certainly right.... Read more »
TAKE TWO – Agathie Christie’s Go Back For Murder was rewritten for the stage to maximise its impact

You’ll be back for more and more

LIZA GODDARD is very honest about why she took on the role of the sensible Miss Williams in Agatha Christie’s whodunnit Go Back For Murder. “It’s work,” she says. “Every time a... Read more »