Mystery of Woking carnival badge found in Canada

A BADGE of privilege for people supporting Woking’s 1946 carnival has been discovered as far away as Canada. But how it got there is a mystery. Diane Zilowsky said in an email... Read more »

Enjoy but respect and protect the countryside

VISITORS to the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are being urged to follow the Countryside Code as lockdown restrictions are eased. Heather Kerswell, chair of the Surrey Hills AONB Board,... Read more »

New pair of peregrines lay eggs in council nestbox

WOKING’S peregrine falcons have laid three eggs with more expected over the next couple of weeks. The pair have replaced the two birds who had been at the top of Export House... Read more »

Restricting height of tall buildings would create ‘a skyline of little interest’

RESTRICTING the height of tall buildings in Woking town centre will lead to challenges by developers that will be difficult to resist, the borough council’s executive committee was told last week. It... Read more »

‘Woking made me what I am’ says Claire the Mayor

Claire Darke, the Mayor of Wolverhampton, wrote to the News & Mail inviting readers to take part in forthcoming charity fundraising events. She mentioned that she grew up in Woking, where she... Read more »

Looking to share her culinary skills

WOKING community cook Charlotte Fraser is drawing on chef Jamie Oliver’s skills to help families in need create simple and nutritional recipes. Charlotte works for FoodWise, a local Christian charity that, before... Read more »

Church rooflights watertight again thanks to community funds

ST ANDREW’S Church in Goldsworth Park has fixed its leaking roof windows with aid from two community funds. “After 36 years the bespoke glass roof ‘lantern’ that lets in light also began... Read more »

Stepping back in time to shop in Chertsey Road

THIS week, we take another look at Woking’s shops in years gone by. Pictured looking for the perfect wedding ring in January 1981 are a young engaged couple. They are assisted by... Read more »

The beauty of blossom

WITH this spring likely to have been the most anticipated in living memory, the National Trust is inviting people to emulate Japan’s Hanami – the ancient tradition of viewing and celebrating the... Read more »

Pop and granddaughter raise voices for NHS workers

A VETERAN musician and his granddaughter have recorded a song to raise money for charities that support health workers who are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Paul Larkin, from Westfield, wrote the... Read more »