Indoor glamping for the ultimate kids’ sleepover

A WOKING business is providing local children with colourful sleepover parties in teepees.

Jo Ballerini started the themed parties 18 months ago when a friend showed her the idea, which is popular in the US.

CREATIVE – A sibling sleepover party with teepees decorated with a unicorn theme

Before coronavirus, Jo delivered the themed teepees and cushions and other accessories for up to six children to homes in Surrey and set up the room.

The themes include the army, football, unicorns and the colour pink.

Jo had to stop for a couple of months because of the lockdown, but has restarted by delivering to homes within a 10-mile radius of Woking and just for siblings.

“We soon realised we could adapt our sleepovers and provide a safe DIY sibling sleepover package,” Jo said.

IN THE PINK – Princess prepares for her teepee sleepover

“These have proved very popular and are perfect for families celebrating their child’s birthday during lockdown and make a great surprise as a special treat for any occasion.”

Jo has had some famous customers, including Princess, the 13-year-old daughter of the singer Peter Andre and his ex-wife, the model Katie Price.

“He and the rest of the family were very friendly and welcoming. Princess was very grateful and kept saying ‘thank you’,” Jo said.

Jo has recently received bookings from families who are able to have one visitor sleeping over and is planning to expand the themes to include Christmas and Puppy Love.

Football themed teepees for the sportier guests

“There will be matching teepees for any puppies,” she said.

Several mothers had asked Jo if she did adult teepee parties and so she is planning a Girls’ Night In theme.

Jo grew up in Woking and was a hotel owner for many years. She also ran a children’s events and party agency.

“It made perfect sense to combine the two businesses and create the ultimate indoor glamping experience for kids,” she said.

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