Frankie’s here to make your blood boil

IF YOU’RE easily offended, stop reading now. In fact, even if it takes something outrageous to stop you in your tracks, there’s still time to turn quickly on to the next page…

Frankie Boyle will be here in Guildford – and he’s not holding back.

Actually the Scottish comic – who has been pilloried and demonised for his ‘jokes’ about everything from cancer to Jordan’s disabled son – says that he doesn’t believe he has ever gone  ‘too far’.

“Taboos are just a map of what a society feels it’s acceptable to be neurotic about,” he says. “Taboos aren’t rational.

“At the minute, it’s kind of acceptable to do a joke about cancer but not one involving disability.

“Certain types of cancer are a lot more serious and debilitating than a lot of disabilities. So it’s not rational.

FRANKIE SAYS – Boyle’s here to shout ‘the best stuff I’ve done’

“We’re in this kind of decadent society where we imagine ourselves to be progressive and enlightened and we’re just barbarians.

“Everybody says they have no hang-ups about sex but we watch porn all the time.

“Everybody says they have no taboos but they’re offended all the time.

“It’s like that Kafka thing, ‘There is an infinity of subversion but not for us’.”

So, don’t expect any apologies for previous offences.

“I got a bit of stick years ago for using the word ‘mongoloid’ on stage, but I only used it to describe Vernon Kay,” explains Frankie.

“To be clear, Vernon Kay looks like a learning disabled adult who has been taken to one of those people who draw your portrait in a tourist place – the ones that always do a really upbeat version of people?

“That’s Vernon Kay to me – an upbeat caricature of a learning disabled adult…”

The one-time Mock The Week panellist is heading out on the road under the banner The Last Days Of Sodom.

And the tour blurb claims that he will be setting out “To heal Britain’s fools, to support its rioters and to offer the inchoate laughter of despair to a culture in freefall.”

So, what’s the real reason for this string of dates – does he need the cash or is he recording next year’s Christmas DVD?

“I’ve been writing jokes my whole life and I’ve found it hard to stop thinking of them,” says Frankie simply.

“I was just going to do a few gigs and record them, and maybe stick it out as an audio album.

“Then I thought it seemed like the best stuff I’ve done, so why not go shout it at people in a variety of dying towns?”

Frankie Boyle will be at G Live in Guildford on Wednesday November 21

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