Woking Youth Theatre come of age in Breakfast Club stage adaptation

WOKING Youth Theatre, which revived earlier this year, has two plays in the Woking Drama Festival, including one that it has been given special rights to perform.

The group is putting on a stage adaptation of the 1980s coming-of-age film The Breakfast Club after receiving permission from the estate of John Hughes who wrote, produced and directed the movie.

The Breakfast Club cast, from left to right: Rhiannon Kitchener (Alison), Alex Hazelton (Bender), Josh Ryley (Brian), Ryan Knight (Andrew) and Juliet Hazelton (Claire)

Bruce Hazelton, chairman of Woking Youth Theatre, said: “When we were given permission to adapt The Breakfast Club to the stage for the festival we didn’t want to exclude the majority of the members from taking part, so we decided to submit another one as well, Refugee Camp 25.

The Breakfast Club is being entered as an adult entry so the two are not competing against each other for best youth play.”

Bruce added: “The thought-provoking portrayals of teenage alienation, isolation, insecurity and the natural craving for acceptance are truly as relevant in 2019 as they were in 1985 when the original film hit the big screen. This really is a production not to be missed.”

Refugee Camp 25 is an ensemble play with a cast of 20, essentially the rest of Woking Youth Theatre and features five tales about fictional refugees.

The Breakfast Club show will be performed tonight (Friday 11 October) and Refugee Camp 25 on Tuesday 15 October. Visit www.wokingdramafestival.co.uk to book tickets.

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