Shah Jahan Mosque invitation

THE Shah Jahan Mosque is holding an open day next month with guided tours, insights into its history, an explanation of the true meaning of Islam, and a chance to ask questions.

The event, on Sunday 5 February, is part of the annual ‘visit my mosque day’ involving more than 80 places of worship around the country.

The Shah Jahan Mosque is of historical as well as religious and cultural significance as it was established in 1889 as the first purpose-built mosque in Britain.

Head Imam Saeed Hashmi said: “The mosque is a gem in Britain’s history and a place open to all to discover the true peaceful reality of Islam.

Mosque Manager, Muhammad Habib

“As an imam and community we strive to spread peace and harmony within our society. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.”

A team of people, led by Muhammad Habib, the mosque manager, will be running the guided tours. A meeting will be held on Saturday 28 January at 1.30pm in the mosque library for anyone who wants to help on the open day.

The mosque, in Oriental Road, Woking, will be open on 5 February from 12pm until 3pm. There is no need to book and entrance is free. All are welcome.

For more information, call 01483 760679 or Mr Habib on 07928 539061 or email

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