Don’t Dilly Dally on getting Sore

FOR 12 years Katie Monks and Liz Ball have been connected sister-like through music – and now the Toronto-based musicians known as Dilly Dally have finally released their debut album, Sore.

The duo met in high school over a common love of legendary bands like The Pixies, Nirvana and The Libertines, and it shows.

“We started a band because we believed in ourselves,” says singer Monks. “And we believed in music – almost like it was a religion.”

Sore is heavy and melodic with nods to Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers, and even The Pogues.

Opening track Desire details a great sexual release, while instant hits like Purple Rage, Next Gold and Snake Head challenge menstruation, self-reinvention after heartbreak, and band dynamics – and Canadian cigarettes.

“Lyrics are so, so important to me,” says Monks. “But singing them clearly is not close to as important to me as the feeling of the vocal performance.”

As a young music fanatic, Monks loved having to research the lyrics of her favourite bands, digging through to find out what her icons were actually talking about, never fully knowing.

“The lyrics are often more like me talking to one of my best friends – passing on important messages that I think they should know about. Music has always been my best friend, so our songs are meant to be that for someone else.”

After years of rotating members (Ball and Monks have traded out three drummers and bassists), they have settled with Benjamin Reinhartz and Jimmy Tony, and Dilly Dally are out on tour to promote Sore.

With the band currently in the UK, they’re finally starting to take the first steps to world domination.

“Music, to me, is a cultural conversation happening all the time – and I wanna be a part of it,” says Monks. “Listen to what others are saying, and respond…it all connects to what is going on in the world.

“We came from the suburbs with complete naivety  and blind faith in our dreams. We still have that blind faith, I guess. Perhaps we are less naive.”

Dilly Dally play at the Boileroom in Guildford on Wednesday (25 May) with support from Estrons and Blackwaters.

Other upcoming Boileroom gigs include Bob Log III on Monday (23 May), Blood Sweat and Sick (a night with Guildford’s best alt-rock acts) on Friday 27 May, Sophie & the Giants (May 30), Dorje (June 3) and Yak (June 8).

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